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Welcome to the top Anime and Novelty site of the Caribbean. World Plus is the Anime and Novelty Centre of Trinidad and Tobago. Make this place your home and enjoy yourself.

At World Plus we offer a large selection of anime merchandise, gift items and computer accesories. Visit our Anime stores here to find interesting items and click here to find our locations in Trinidad. To keep in tune, bookmark this page.

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        The Tunapuna store has moved. World Plus in Tunapuna is now relocated to Trincity Mall
         opposite Stechers. For images click here.

        For images of San Fernando store click here.

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We are starting a new feature which is called Image of the Moment. In this feature visitors to this site can view from time to time an image of interest. Click here to view Image of the Moment.

Tips on how to start your anime collection.

We have updated the information on comics that are available currently at our stores. You can view the listings of our comics.

For those parents and guardians who are queasy about comics click here.

Why not try the hobby of Comics Collecting? Well read on!

If you are new to anime, you are in the right place. Good anime is exciting, unconventional, wildly imaginative and surprisingly thoughtful. Anime is Japanese animation, pronounced "ah-nee-may" or "an-nee-may". Strictly speaking, anime is cartoon but it is very different from mainstream American cartoons, being more sophisticated in style, theme and characterization. Thus the bulk of fans are teenagers and mature adults. For an introduction to anime click here.